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Not of this World

Thank you for taking part in the fight. If you are wondering why you are here it is because the galaxy of Star Wars and Middle Earth must join forces to fight against a common enemy, but first you must have knowledge of your allies. Everyone is welcome whether you are a(n) Elf,Jedi,Hobbit,Bounty Hunter,Human,Alien,Dwarf,sith or whatever. We must fight together in harmony despite our differences. Take a look around. Here you will find all you'll need to know about your associates. You may wander at your free will, but I would advise you to watch your step. You never know when spies of the enemy are lurking around the corner. Also, Beware your fellow denizens for they might not be as welcoming as we are. Good luck, Aa' menealle nauva calen ar' malta, and may the force be with you.

Character spotlight

Name: Eomer

Gender: male

Species: Human

Affiliation/Career: third marshal of the riddermark

Home land: Rohan

Interesting fact(s):  He is the son of Eomund and Theodwyn who is King Theoden's sister.Weapon of choice: sword

The enemy aproaches. We have had little time to gather our forces. The rebels have joined up with imperials to lead the forces in the air. On land the Elves and Men have once more coincided to lead the troops of Middle Earth. You all have been called in for our secret weapon... (you will learn more as you proceed)

Character Spotlight

Name: Eowyn

Race/Species: Human

Gender: female

What s/he does: shieldmaiden

place of residence: Rohan

Weapon(s) of choice: sword

Interesting fact(s): Rode in disquise to the battle of Pelennor and took part in slaying the witch king.

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Aragorn and Legolas

From Return of the King

Disclaimer: all characters,places etc belong to George Lucas and J.R.R.Tolkien